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Asus Authorized Service Center

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California Computer’s Authorized ASUS Service Center provides repairs for all of your ASUS notebook, netbook, and tablet needs. We focus on gaming laptops and other high-power portable devices.

We Are an Authorized ASUS Service Center

The California Computer team offers expert service above and beyond that offered by other service centers with our ASUS-trained technicians.

Read about the many benefits of working with us that you won’t find anywhere else below.

ASUS-Trained Technicians

Our ASUS service center techs are personally trained by the manufacturers of the same product we repair. Technicians learn directly from the manufacturer to provide the same quality service ASUS itself provides for warranties and service repairs.

All Device Models We Repair

We repair all models of ASUS notebooks, netbooks, and tablets. Instead of searching through a long list of products, simply bring the device you need to have repaired to our ASUS service center and have it repaired right away.

Most Common Parts in Stock

We don’t order parts and make you wait for the delayed, shorthanded supply chain to get them in. With other ASUS repair providers, supply chain issues mean you have to wait far longer than is fair to have your items repaired. They will only offer to store your device for you, and you will have to wait to get your repaired item back.

Instead, we keep an inventory of common parts in stock at all times so we can repair your devices faster.

Same Day Repair Services

Because we maintain an inventory of common parts and a staff of experts, our ASUS service center repairs your devices fast. Drop off your laptop, wait in-store or leave and come back, and we’ll have most devices repaired and ready for use by the end of the day.

ASUS Services and Repairs We Offer

California Computer technicians work fast, but they aren’t limited to handling only a few repair services on a few models. We handle anything, on any device and we also offer warranty.

DC Jack/Power Connector Replacement

Our ASUS authorized service center provides repairs and replacements for power connectors so you can take advantage of high-performance settings as often as possible. Maximize battery charge time and keep your gaming laptop plugged in as often as possible with the most efficient battery power storage and charging options.

Whether your jack is damaged, broken, or just burned out, bring your ASUS device, and we’ll fix it up with a same-day repair.

ASUS Laptop Computer Screen Replacement

Gain new clarity and higher resolution with a screen that looks new.

We repair several common screen problems, including:

● Screen burn-in

● Cracks

● Scratches

● Smudges

● Shatters resulting from drops

Graphics and processors aren’t the only hardware specs you need to keep your games looking great. You need a quality screen to display them, and we make that happen.


Fast, accurate keystrokes are a necessity for gaming. The slightest delay in your input can make you regularly lose your games. Whether your keys are sticky from spills or the switches are damaged from overuse, we’ll replace stock parts with new components to make their response crisper than ever.

AC Adapter

Like your power port, new AC adapters keep your laptop charging faster and give you more access to high-power modes to take your game to the next level.


Extend your ASUS laptop’s power life with a new battery. Even if it doesn’t feel like the time for a replacement, long hours of high-performance use mean it’s often time long before the recommended date. We stock batteries for most common models and provide ASUS-certified battery switching so you can upgrade safely and securely.

ASUS Gaming G-Series Video Card

GPUs are still expensive and hard to find. Rather than buy a new laptop when the gaming machine you own is still perfectly functional, bring your machine to our ASUS service and repair center for an upgrade.

SSD Reconfiguration

Decrease loading times and increase performance by installing an SSD. The ASUS service center provides a seamless transition and flawless data transfer to protect your information and keep everything running smoothly.

Tablet Models We Repair

In addition to notebooks and gaming laptops, we also cover the following ASUS tablet models:

● TF101

● TF201

● TF300

● TF700

We repair tablets, specialized laptops, and a variety of other devices and brands. Thanks to the variety our expertise offers you, California Computer is the perfect one-stop-shop for all of your repair needs.

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